SUNFLEX Bi-Folding Doors

Our Sunflex Bi-Fold doors range is possibly the slimmest on the market, providing an incredibly impressive 95% clear opening. Sunflex Bi-fold doors are precision engineered in Germany by industry leaders Sunflex GmbH. With aluminium, timber or composite configurations, the versatility is incredible, and the designs can be specified for any setting. Overall, our U-Values are as low as 0.9 W/m2k place the thermal performance is at the top of the industry.

SUNFLEX Bi-Folding Doors

With over 30 years experience of leading the industry the exceptional quality and unbeatable performance of their modern, innovating bifolds is unparalleled. Versatile configurations available including bays, segmented radius curves and fixed, moveable 90 or 135 degree corner posts to create the effect or infinity. 

The versatility and innovating of the products means that whether replacing existing doors, creating a new opening by knocking through a wall, extending an existing house pr a brand new build, incorporating our bifold range means meeting the most exacting requirements. 


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