yes glazing solutions visits Devon

YES Glazing Solutions visits devon

YES Glazing Solutions is known for its exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. While the company generally focuses on projects within its local region, occasionally, an exceptional opportunity arises that simply cannot be ignored. Such was the case when YES Glazing Solutions embarked on a remarkable project in Devon, featuring a harmonious fusion of traditional and modern elements. This blog post takes you on a virtual journey through this awe-inspiring build, showcasing the expertise and dedication of YES Glazing Solutions.


Nestled in the scenic beauty of Devon, this project presented an architectural marvel that seamlessly blended traditional and modern elements. The property itself exuded a rich historical charm, with its traditional interior spaces and original aesthetic. However, the vision for this renovation encompassed a desire to incorporate modern elements without compromising the property’s character. One of the standout features of this extraordinary project was the installation of Crittall Steel W20 Doors in the indoor swimming and spa room. These doors, renowned for their sleek and contemporary design, added a touch of modernity to the space while ensuring optimal functionality and visual appeal.


The team at YES Glazing Solutions worked meticulously to ensure a flawless fit, as the doors were carefully integrated into the architectural design, seamlessly merging the indoor and outdoor spaces. The interior living spaces of the property were a true reflection of its historical heritage. To honour the traditional aesthetics, YES Glazing Solutions expertly installed Crittall Steel W20 windows in these areas. These windows, designed to replicate the original look of the property, served as a testament to YES Glazing Solutions’ commitment to preserving the integrity of the building. The installation was carried out with utmost precision, ensuring that the windows complemented the traditional interior while providing modern functionality and energy efficiency. The culmination of YES Glazing Solutions’ efforts resulted in an outcome that surpassed all expectations. The blend of traditional and modern elements throughout the property was flawlessly executed, creating a harmonious balance that celebrated the building’s historical significance while embracing contemporary design principles.


The Crittall Steel W20 doors and windows are seamlessly integrated into the architectural vision, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the spaces. YES Glazing Solutions brought a touch of contemporary elegance to this exceptional property, leaving a lasting mark on Devon’s architectural landscape.