Traditional home with modern features


This owner of this spacious family home wanted to further increase the size of their property by adding a rear extension. They decided to build an ultra-modern space to allow in even more natural light. When approaching from the back of the house, two sets of grand YES Vision ultra-slim sliding doors stand with a series of bonded fixed-frame picture glass windows to permit natural light to flood into the kitchen and dining room area. Our YES Bonded flat rooflight with additional glass laminated beams have been installed to fulfil the same purpose ensuring that the new space feels bright and spacious throughout the year. The family wanted to be able to look out of their window and enjoy the view of fields and sunsets in the evening. The team at YES Glazing advised them to have our SUNFLEX Tilt & Turn window to accomplish this request. Beside the property is a converted space area which is used for working and has a spare bedroom. The owners still wanted to keep the traditional look of their home from the front, so we installed a genuine Crittall W20 French door and a fixed single glass window to maintain the style.


  • YES Ultra-Slim Sliding Doors
  • YES Bonded Featured Fixed Frame Window
  • SUNFLEX Slide & Turn Window
  • YES Frameless Bonded Glass Rooflight with additional laminated glass beams
  • Crittall W20 French Doors & Single Frame Glass Window