The Vision House


YES Glazing solutions recently carried out an amazing project in Purley. This lovely extension features The Vision Ultra-Slim Sliding doors and YES Frameless bonded glass system, both products allowing a massive influx of wonderful natural light. The homeowners wanted to be able to look out to their garden without any obstruction. The Vision Ultra-Slim Sliding Door, offering sightlines of only 24mm, can create an almost seamless wall of glass for fabulous unobstructed views. Not only is The Vision a seamless look, but the YES Frameless Bonded Glass Corner is also ideal for breaking down the boundaries between inside and outside spaces. The natural light and solar gain heat advantages make fantastic energy savings so the return on the property investment can be realised quickly from lower energy costs as well as a potential increase to the value of the property. 


  • YES Ultra-Slim Sliding Doors
  • YES Frameless Bonded Glass Corner
  • YES Frameless Bonded Flat Rooflight