Huge open-plan extension with four sliding panels

A complete overhaul of the magnificent rear garden to this glorious Sevenoaks property left the owners wanting easy access and more unity between inside and out. A massive eight meter span of YES Glazing Solution’s “The Vision” ultra slim sliding doors really emphasises a link between the adjoining spaces. The super smooth gliding operation also means even youngsters in the family can open or shut the doors effortlessly at the drop of a hat. The triple track design allows all three sliding panels to move across the vast opening, finishing in a flush stacking arrangement neatly behind the fixed panel so that just a single sightline is visible. Large rooflights further permit a flood of natural light into the building extension, creating a wonderful airy sunroom comfortable for a variety of living space uses whilst easily being able to enjoy the joys of the garden from inside the house. This modern style rear extension utilising large architectural glazing is extremely popular in the housing market as it creates a living area that is comfortable all year round in any weather yet fully utilises the merging of house and garden when the British summer permits.

Huge Credit to:

House of Beulah

Product Specification

YES Vision Ultra Slim sliding four panel door (8000x2500mm) with flush stacking

YES Frameless bonded Fixed Flat Roof skylight (3000x1000mm)