The Vision Across The Water


Based in Hastings, this beautiful town house required an extension to modernise the property and help bind together inner and outer living areas. Our Vision Ultra-Slim Sliding Door has been used to provide an unblemished wall of glass offering unspoilt external views whether the doors are open or shut. With a super slim sightline of just 24mm, The Vision offers huge glass expanses to allow as much natural light as possible to enter the home, whilst simultaneously avoiding hindering views outside.
This unique build includes three sets of large flat skyline rooflights which seamlessly blend in with an updated look still in keeping with the surrounding architecture. The modern and minimalist design coupled with the extremely easy operation and smooth sliding mechanism of the Vision doors meant a completely practical solution that still looked incredible could be achieved for the clients.


  • YES Ultra-Slim Sliding Doors 4500mm x 3000mm
  • YES Bespoke Frameless Bonded Fixed Flat Rooflight