Crittall Innervision Inspired


The client wanted to allow light to flow between the different rooms throughout the house whilst keeping a clean and sharp finish in the design. The sophisticated yet simple lines of the Crittall® door and screen became a benchmark for the rest of the house décor, immediately creating a very bold visual statement. Several quotes were considered including looking at alternative products, however the cost for genuine Crittall® turned out to be not much higher than the alternatives – but obviously with additional benefits in quality and guarantees, which deemed the price more than worth it. Working with an architect and an interior lighting designer, the partitions form the centrepieces to the rooms but still blend effortlessly into the background so as not to be too imposing. The beautiful dark industrial look steel compliments the stunning natural wood flooring so well. Thanks to the rigidity and structural strength of the steel used, the capability to install the door without a threshold meant the floor boards could remain unblemished for a seamless transition through to the living area, visually uniting the two spaces so well. This is also achieved through the archway screen, taking away barriers and giving a very homely feel to the surroundings. It is a classic and very clean look which will offer timeless elegance to the property for a years to come.


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