The VISION Ultra-Slim Sliding Doors

At YES Glazing Solutions, we provide each of our ultra-slim sliding doors with the latest modern technology that will allow them to move with ease. Specific attention is paid to the mechanics of your ultra-slim sliding doors to ensure that components, gears, and locking systems are built to the highest standard. Not only will your sliding door be pleasing to the eye, but you can sleep well with the knowledge that it is highly robust. 

Designed with incredibly narrow 20mm & 24mm sightlines, the new YES Vision is capable of creating an almost seamless wall of glass, ideal for breaking down the boundaries between inside and out, whilst filling the room full of light and heat.

Thanks to its advanced design The Vision features ultra-slimline frame widths without the need of external reinforcing, allowing the doors to appear slim whichever angle they are viewed from and provide the ultimate in contemporary appearance.

YES Glazing VISION Sliding Doors

Effortless Operation

  • Incredibly narrow 20mm & 24mm intermediate frames between glass provide maximise light and provide a stylish appearance.
  • Versatile panel widths from 800mm to 3 metres wide and up to 2.8m high (panel width dependent).
  • Available in more than 200 RAL colours and textured finishes ensuring the doors perfectly complement your home.
  • Excellent security with five-point mushroom headed cam bolts and claw lock.
YES Glazing Sunflex SVG 20

The Vision Ultra-Slim Sliding Doors Specifications

Panel size Up to 2,500mm wide and 3,000mm tall
Sightlines Only 20mm & 24mm
Maximum weight 280 kg
Glazing type Double or Triple glazed
Security Full high security multi-point locking system


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